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I want to see what’s is my “Inbox”. Why shove everything in the “Everything” or “All Mail” box?? There needs to be a separation.

Works great

Great to have.

A Star to Rats

A Star to Gmail-EmailGoogle.


So good


Nice display, categorizes your email which allows quick access to important emails.


Now everyone likes the app but my suggestion is to add a delete all button so you dont have to delete every notification one at a time

Freezes on ipad

Used to work great. With the last few updates this app (and the google calendar app) freeze with any interaction.


Great app. It’s taken me some time to learn it’s advanced features for accessing mail. It is great.

Most favourite of all mail apps!

I have been using this app since the debut and I found the best experience of gmail using it.

Google Mail

Nothing short of awesome. My e-commerce business communications 24/7 with my customers is my number one priority. Google Mail allows me to stay in touch at all times. No down time, desktop, tablet, or mobile. There is nothing better.

Can’t multitask on iPad

You can’t run the Gmail app side by side with another app on iPad. This is a standard workflow for iOS apps now, please update to add this!

Needs more

Still waiting to be able to customize the left and right swipe. Would love to archive AND delete emails not just have 1 option for both swipes. If I missed this option someone please let me know!

What about other mail boxes from other servers?

I could not use this app, since I have different mail accounts on different mail servers.


So helpful: use it every day!


Please add the option to disable threading conversations and to disable indentations when replying to emails. It’d be the perfect app if those could be disabled...

Erramienta util

Es muy útil e interesante tienes tus correos de tus contactos ala mano y es muy fácil de utilizar

Better than Microsoft E-mail.

I had a few minor problems installing G Mail. But after that, its MUCH easier to use. Much better!

No “snooze”

Arguably THE email client that redefined email still lags behind the innovation fast becoming standard with other email clients, the ability to snooze an email for attention later.

Nice, but needs improvement

Professional and compact design; convenient UI; fast launching. Disadvantages: • Doesnt reflect the stars type from the desktop version (theres not only the yellow star option) • No notifications – only sound. • No option to see important on top, and non-important at bottom, as its possible with the desktop version. Very convenient ability, which must be available in the app as well. Cmon, Google! No notifications?? Whats wrong with you…

Simple,enough but not too much

I’ve used gmail for several years. I find that my phone likes it better than other mail systems. Fewer problems and ads. Straightforward. I can find what I’m looking for and categories make finding and sorting easier. Bells and whistles can be added. And it’s free!

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