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Generic Release Notes

Because their users are stupid?

تطبيق رائع جداً وممتاز

?very nice


Every single time I click a link this app tries to get me to download chrome. There’s a slider that’s supposed to turn this nag off but it does nothing.

New layout issues

New layout is faster than the old app, but clunky and missing features. Most importantly, there is no "select all" option. Categories are divided up, and it takes a search just to get to my general inbox instead of "primary." The search algorithm could use some work, and they need to work on what emails they choose to notify me about. Why am I receiving notifications from gmail from my "promotions" folder but when my employer or family members email me I get no notification? Visually, each email takes up way too much room on the screen and the colored logos to the left of each email are an eyesore.


Good app

Legacy Gmail is slow and not loading

Loaded the new Gmail and took lots of memory, deleted app. Legacy mail is basically inactive. I’m now forced to go back to the hog Gmail where it just casually deletes mail I may want and forces them into .... where? Spam. Geez.

Browser Requested

Please turn off request after I turn it off. It won’t turn it off after I click the toggle to not ask me which browser to use again. It’s kinda annoying me.

Best email service/app ever

Nothing can beat gmail


If I send an email from my Gmail app on my work iPhone, I cant see that email in my sent box in my personal iPad Gmail app or my work iPad Gmail app or my personal android Gmail app! Even if I send an email from a web browser, it wont show in any of my apps. Seriously!? If I need to review something Ive sent, I have to remember which device I had sent it from... Yeah, so not happening. Also, whats with the search functionality? Useless. Ive never actually been able to find an email with the search. If youre willing to sort & organize every single email you send and receive, this app is stellar. Otherwise, Id suggest using your devices native app. And if you have long, detailed email strings, that you need to reference in the future, make sure youve got a computer. The app strings get so convoluted, you cant make heads or tails of them.

Group mailing flaw

I like the app, BUT unable to utilize the group feature when sending an email. I have made several groups in my gmail online, but cannot access them on this app. It causes great inconvenience especially when I need to send communications out quickly and without forgetting anyone, so I end up having to wait until I have access to a computer to do so. I’d give this app 5 stars if someone could fix this issue!

UX issue

Either of these is needed: 1. Make the menu accessible so checking the number of unread email does not bring me back to the top my emails 2. Show the number of unread email in the email list 3. Make the email content view of ‘unread’ section swipe-able Obviously, number 3 makes the most sense.

Fix the Chrome preference

What another crappy update! I don’t want to use Chrome so stop w/ the pop up (to choose a browser). Back to iMail!

Always prompts for browser

It’s bad enough that the app can’t seem to remember my browser choice between updates. Now it can’t remember my browser choice at all. I DON’T WANT CHROME STOP ASKING ME.


Very very easy usable interface then Apple ios Iphone

Super great but...

I love this app. It keeps my emails organized and I like how easy it is to switch between accounts. My only complaint is that I have a notification sign on the app constantly. I have no read emails but I am always left with a red (1). It is very annoying. Although, this won’t keep me from using the app.

No competition

Absolutely great

Remember settings doesn’t work AGAIN!!!!

Every time they fix this it gets broken again. I want the app to default to Safari when opening links. Doesn’t work. I deleted & re-downloaded the app; still broken.

Annoying Me About Chrome

Until today I had no issues with this app. But apparently it updated last night; now every time I click a link within an email, it asks me if I want to open with Chrome or Safari. I’ve seen this before: I usually just turn off the option to “ask me every time” and keep it moving. But today that option isn’t working. Every time I click a link, it asks me if I want to open in Chrome (which I don’t have and am not interested in getting). I de-select the ask-me option. It’s still asking. I close the app and re-open it. It’s still asking. It’s annoying. Please fix it.

Stop asking me to open link in Chrome

With recent update, this app keep asking to open link in Chrome which is very annoying, even after selecting the checkbox not to ask. Not sure if it’s a bug or google trying to push Chrome. This feels like violation of AppStore rule. Please fix it Gmail team!!

Almost there

Please allow option to upgroup conversations!!

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